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As for Oxford Dictionaries, their only criteria are whether a word or expression is reasonably widely used, and how people use it; it’s not a matter of accepting it or not. The new editor of the OED has recently pointed out that the OED has always been descriptive, even if some people have elevated it into some sort of bible. And as I see it, it’s a dictionary’s primary job to tell us what words mean, and if their use is controversial, to give us the present position. For example the Times has an article from 2006 on ‘How to handle exam stress’, in which they tell a reader ‘You need to pre-plan more’. Now if a dictionary doesn’t tell me what that means, as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t doing its job. But it’s not a dictionary’s job to make value judgements. Having said that, only a few dictionaries seem to list pre-plan.

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The press garnered over the past few days helped the startup raise a million dollars via a Kickstarter-like capital investment website, Netcapital. Several reports have been made to deputies stating that they have attempted to purchase a tractor or piece of farm equipment through a website for a company named B&C Tractor Trader. The website, , lists the business at 1686 Carson Road, in Woodleaf, but the business doesn’t exist. In fact, based out this property is a private residence and the property owner has also reported customers stopping by to ask about the farm equipment sales business. – The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office warning the community about a fraudulent business advertised online as being located in the western part of the county. Jen McGahan is a professional massage therapist serving clients in the west Austin areas of Lakeway, Bee Cave, and Spicewood.


It’s usually pretty clear from context if someone is using ‘decimate’ to mean totally devastate or as a weird and wonderful military punishment. Similarly, there’s never much doubt about how ‘beg the question’ is being used – I’ve written a piece on my blog about that one. I don’t really look down on folks using words in a way I don’t; I would say it just grates on me a little if it seems the usage violates common sense or clear communication. At any rate, being observant of how language changes is to me a fruitful pastime. Thus “based out of” is incorrect; “based in” carries exactly the same meaning that people are incorrectly trying to achieve by using “based out of”. bahis tahminleri

What is LDK texting?

The word ldk is used in Acronym, Slang, Internet meaning I don’t know.

I have noted that many US-based websites use based out meaning that they have an office or base in locality X but can or do work outside of that locality. “My company is based out of New York” this means the person has a company in New York but does work in a lot of different states. The original business is in New York so it’s “based out” of New York. “My company is based in New York” this is just saying the company is located in New York and is where most of the work is done. Like many of my (our?) generation I also cringe at the overuse of “like”; it’s interesting though how it’s used conversationally as part of the phrase “was/were like” to mean “said.” Did this start with people meaning “said something to the effect of'”? Seems to have definitely segued into meaning simply “said.” Unanswerable question perhaps. I’m being a grumpy old man here, of course, and I have no logical reason to criticise this new meaning; I’m quite happy, after all, with the newer uses of decimate and beg the question. It just shows, I think, that we tend to be happy with changes from our generation (for me, all those expressions that came in with the beat and hippy generations – hassle, rip-off etc), but not so much with the ones that come later. In other words pet peeves are purely subjective, and are simply that – peeves – and we shouldn’t try to rationalise them by saying that people who use language in a way we personally don’t like are somehow ‘wrong’.

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But there largely is consensus that civics content should focus on the duties of citizenship, not CRT. What happens when you mix toxic critical race theory with progressive economics? Georgia U.S. Attorney BJay Pak says 61-year-old defense contractor Batur Ustol was part of the conspiracy to steal military technology. An Atlanta man will spend more than 2 years in prison for his part in a multi-million dollar contracting fraud scheme based out of Turkey. “BJay” Pak is seen following a news conference in 2019. Pak says an Atlanta man was part of a conspiracy to steal military technology. Most people who have sleep-disordered breathing don’t recognize they have it. The sleep medicine industry can help address this dangerous disconnect. Whether it’s a one-time acknowledgement of this article or an ongoing membership pledge, your support goes to local-based reporting from our small but mighty team. And we believe everyone deserves access to accurate independent coverage of their community and state.

If you hold a standard educator certificate or credential from a country outside of the United States and its territories, you must apply for a review of your out-of-country credentials. Applicants who completed nursing school outside of the United States are required to arrange for a ‘Professional Report’ to be submitted directly to this office from the CGFNS International. COMPLETEall the requirements of the approved alternative route licensure program. For subject-specific license, the candidate must have already completed a major in the subject area of the license they are seeking. Wisconsin alternative route programs prepare candidates with teaching coursework for Wisconsin licenses in shortage areas. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree, these candidates choose to return to a Wisconsin college/university approved to offer a teacher licensure program. Post Baccalaureate programs provide subject area and teaching coursework that lead to teacher licensure only or towards a master’s degree program. If you completed an alternative route program outside Wisconsin, refer to the Out-of-State Alternative Routes section below to determine your best pathway. canlı casino siteleri

In the last two decades, the typology of unreinforced masonry infills to be adopted in newly designed RC structures has been subjected to significant changes, passing from the use of slender/weak masonry panels with one or two layers, to stronger single-whyte walls. These modifications have allowed to reduce the construction time and to improve the thermal and acoustic performance. In order to fill some of these gaps, this paper presents the experimental results of two masonry infills made of modern strong masonry tested only in the out-of-plane direction, without any previous in-plane load. The tests have permitted to apply and analyze the existing formulations in the codes and literature for the computation of the out-of-plane resistance and the fundamental period. Moreover, some new formulations have been proposed to better estimate these values according to the experimental evidence. Because they pick it up from others, exactly the same as they acquire any other words. Why should we feel the need to question something we are used to seeing.

Candidates in this pathway have not completed a Wisconsin recognized and approved educator preparation program. Three years of teaching experience and a performance-based assessment process will be used to determine competency in the Wisconsin educator standards. These programs are for licensure only and do not lead to a degree. I see this phenomenon as yet another example of what is to me a peculiar affection for a term or phrase longer than one with the same meaning that’s been considered standard for a long time. But “based out of” seems worse, because to me it’s just bad usage. Applicants have completed the testing requirements of a state-approved educator preparation program and are eligible for licensure in that state. Candidates should apply for the Wisconsin license that most closely matches their out-of-state license. Upon application, a review will be completed to determine comparability with Wisconsin preparation, testing, and statutory requirements. Ever since the publication of the book “Metaphors We Live By,” by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in 1980, it has been recognized more and more that language is built to a staggering extent on metaphors that we don’t even realize are metaphors anymore.

If there is no license for which you are eligible your application may be denied. •Phenomena that modify oop response of strong masonry infills identified and weighted. •New formulations for out-of-plane seismic verifications of strong masonry infills. We only accept resumes from staffing organizations with pre-approved contractual agreements.

Is Baka a bad word?

Japan’s Most Popular Profanity Calling something dumb, foolish, stupid, lacking, crazy, and more can be done with one magic word. “Baka” is the most common Japanese swear word. The baka meaning usually translates to foolish or stupid. In kanji, it’s usually written baka 馬鹿 ばか .

Moreover, it was found that there was a strong correlation between TBOCLLAs and the EFL learners’ autonomy. In the same vein, the findings revealed a strong and statistically significant correlation between TBOCLLAs and the learners’ self-efficacy. Finally, the research findings suggested that learners’ motivation, autonomy, and self-efficacy were all significantly contributing to the participants’ use of technology-based out-of-class language learning activities. Among the above mentioned individual factors, motivation had the highest predictive value, and among self-efficacy and autonomy, the latter could better predict the use of TBOCLLAs by the learners.

As a filler at the end of an expression, it’s been used for a couple of hundred years – “The word has been used as a postponed filler (“going really fast, like”) from 1778″. I don’t know if you have this use in the States, but it’s common in Northern English and some Scottish dialects – ‘What are you doing later, like? @Buzzbuzz10 To make it quite clear, I am British and have lived in the UK all of my life. The term is universal in the UK among the age group I referred to. As for dictionaries, being a teacher, I nearly always use learner’s dictionaries, which tend to give quite good usage notes, and comment on acceptability. Although I have to confess that none of the the four standard learner’s dictionaries in fact list preplan / pre-plan. I have a funny feeling this idea that shorter is always better is rather more popular in the States than in Britain.

A much larger outpost called Gateway Station will stretch more than 1,600 feet across and hold 1,400 passengers and crew. The technique, developed by Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chris Bischoff, managing director, General Catalyst, said Sword Health is setting the new standard of therapy in MSK by combining novel hardware, software and physician-directed care. MSK disorders are one of the leading causes of chronic pain and disability, affecting over 2 billion people worldwide. Launched in 2015, the company works with insurers, health systems and employers in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Both individuals and organizations that work with arXivLabs have embraced and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence, and user data privacy. arXiv is committed to these values and only works with partners that adhere to them. We live in a little cottage near the sea in Santa Barbara. Out of our office windows we see rows of olive trees and gaze into the Riviera.


Sword offers a musculoskeletal product called digital therapist, which connects in-house doctors of physical therapy to Sword members who wear motion sensors and access a personalized artificial-intelligence-powered therapeutic exercise program on a tablet. My husband and I chose Perry James Photography after a friend had previously seen his excellent work in a prior wedding. While working with Perry, my husband and I felt that Perry truly put his heart into his work. Perry and his team make our wedding day memories come back to life each and every time we look back at our pictures. COVID-19 has impacted many institutions and organizations around the world, disrupting the progress of research.

Our readers helped us continue this coverage in 2020, and we are so grateful for the support. It’s inevitable that a space hotel will eventually be built and OAC is further along than many other companies seeking to make space the next tourism frontier. In the meantime, the company is selling Lifetime Memberships that allow you to enter into a lottery once the hotel opens. The memberships cost $499 and come with a free notebook and pen. With dozens of companies now seeking to become major players in the commercial space race, off-earth travel and commercialization are bound to become one of the distinguishing features of this decade. The rise in space commercialization and travel has been described as the ‘next Industrial Revolution’ and is an inevitable step in ensuring humanity’s long-term viability. Still, we’re just in the beginning phase, where many promises and goals go unfulfilled. We’ve seen a similar shift in timelines and objectives in other emerging technologies, from fully autonomous vehicles to hyperloop. Voyager Station is just one building the company hopes to construct in space.