Integrated Design + Construction

While the term Design/Build is commonly used to describe a combination of design and construction activities in one firm or one process – Stack is redefining this model with the practice of Integrated Design and Construction.

Too often, a Design/Build approach de-emphasizes  the importance and value of design, and seeks to package design activities “efficiently” under the umbrella of the construction process. Integrated Design + Construction involves combining the two disciplines, and the specialized personnel who perform each role. This takes a number of different forms, from turnkey delivery of design and construction by our firm, to partnerships that are customized to the needs of the project.

While we pride ourselves on bringing a designer’s eye to the job site every day, and a contractor’s knowledge of construction systems to the design process,  Integrated Design + Construction is more about versatility of the firm or the team, stemming from the combination of specialized personnel working much more efficiently together under one umbrella.