No one what’s to clean up after themselves in the semi trucks.

No one what’s to clean up after themselves in the semi trucks. Somewhat easy job, management is pretty poor in some aspects. Let people know your thoughts on previous employers. When hired on ,this company has always treated me fairly with respect and dignity ,I don’t feel like a truck number and I feel like I have a purpose. It is a decent place for a new CDL driver to learn the ropes and get comfortable behind the wheel of a semi truck. New drivers are treated like meat, training is not on par with what you’ll actually be doing. Management is not something that is ever there to support you.

  • Wednesday comprised of passing their physical, which included lifting 48 pounds over my head, I passed the drug test, and road test.
  • In my opinion, automatic truck allow the driver to have more free time while driving.
  • I have a feeling it’s more the latter.
  • Overall, they are safety conscious and their equipment for the most part is well maintained.
  • Knocked on the door to ask him to leave.

Gives new drivers a place to learn. Most drivers move on to other companies after getting a feel for what it means to be a trucker. I’ve truly enjoyed working with this company they have great equipment and staff and go above and beyond for their employees. Also when you get into a jam somewhere over the road they do everything they can to help you out of the situation they don’t leave you high and dry or holding the bag . You won’t regret working here just do your part is all they ask of you. The management at the Gordonville terminal is the worst. No paid sick days, Too much favoritism and cant keep good workers.

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So i started working with this company when i got out of the Army. Everything seemed great but then i slowly realized i was doing the same stuff every day. I will be leaving uss express reviews this place for sure. Also if you are a new tech coming out of the military or trade school, DO NOT go to work for the duncan shop especially the second shift.

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 Foster an environment in which customers enjoy high levels of service; employees are motivated to deliver top performance. Manage front-end operations to ensure friendly and efficient process flow. Ask Thomas Jacobs about the services of US Express Moving Systems Inc. Thomas Jacobs is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference.

us express review

I had prior experience driving truck but did not have a license. I went thru there orientation, and then a trainer picked me up.