These companies do not actually

US logistics companies

These companies do not actually have any means of freight transportation. Instead, they operate as a facilitator within the supply chain, working with their established networks to optimize transport solutions for you.

US logistics companies

Ukay Delivery is a logistics company founded in 1994 with over 10 employees. They provide warehousing and distribution, trucking, and logistics and supply chain consulting solutions from their office in Piscataway, N.J. The agency offers customs brokerage, fulfillment, logistics & supply chain consulting, trucking, and more and has a midsize team. Based in Chicago, Ill., the team of nearly 300 employees offers end-to-end fulfillment services. Industrie Reply is a reply group company based in Chicago and founded in 1996.

Top 50 Us And Global Third Party Logistics Providers 3pl In 2017: Collaboration Is Now Paramount

With a direct presence in 67 countries and a global network spanning 120 countries, GEODIS supports a huge number of retailers with their online operations. The company recently launched an extended GEODIS eLogistics service in the U.S. to provide best-in-class ecommerce fulfillment solutions to emerging direct-to-consumer brands.

US logistics companies

And it is definitely an area where the possibilities for logistics are positive. While always futuristic sounding, robotics already plays a bit part in some aspects of logistics. It can especially be found within large warehouses for automatic order-picking systems or autonomous vehicles such as forklifts. As the AI and software improve in this area, we will see robotics used to an even greater extent than now.

Evans Distribution Systems

The team focuses on air freight, freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain consulting, ocean freight, and more. They offer air freight, logistics & supply chain consulting, ocean freight, trucking, and more and were established in 1912. Their services include air freight, logistics uss express reviews & supply chain consulting, rail freight, trucking, and more. Their services include air freight, freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain consulting, trucking, and more. The agency is in Greenwich, Connecticut; Buchanan, Michigan and Statesville, North Carolina.

  • A logistics partner to help you play a leading role in the future that will use their insight to become an integral part of your success, from strategy through execution.
  • Supported by cutting-edge technology, Werner Enterprises is on its way to becoming the first North American carrier to move its entire tech stack and operations to the cloud.
  • XPO Logistics is a global shipping and contract logistics services organization with over 1,530 sites in over 30 countries.
  • Disrupted by a pandemic that businesses and governments failed to predict, our …

Clarkston Consulting provided consulting services to a food distributor. The company provided advice and helped the client select a new ERP, which was SAP HANA. Additionally, they suggested areas of improvement for the client and helped complete some backlogged projects. XPO Logistics, Inc. was hired by a healthcare delivery system to provide supply chain logistics. They deliver overnight shipments, bulk and heavy items, or units that need special treatment requirements. Quiet 3PF serves as the fulfillment and logistics provider of a holiday apparel brand. When a 3PL is providing all of your logistics needs such as warehousing and transportation, then you are making significant savings on staff and premises.


Evaluate vendors across the global autonomous mobile robot market to find the best fit for your company’s needs. Reduce downtime and improve service with technology and people you can rely on. Get a quote, select a carrier, schedule a pickup, and pay with a credit card in minutes. Robinson is a self-serve freight tool designed for small and growing businesses to easily move freight in the United States. Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs.

Ocean Freight

This includes food grade warehousing such as organic certified storage and temperature-controlled facilities, fulfillment, re-packing, transportation and technology services for importing, exporting and domestic business. Amentum is a logistics provider offering customized storage and transportation services serving small and large businesses who require one-time or long-term comprehensive warehousing and logistics support. The list of the largest logistics companies in the world and service providers below aren’t ranked or rated in any way. Instead, we’ve highlighted some global logistics industry and providers examples, their important facts, and statistics about each company’s growth and achievements.